Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

The highlight of this week was by far being able to go to the temple
with Ron, a recent convert from Frederick!

I hope he doesn't mind me bragging about him and talking about him for a bit.
Love ya Ron!

It was a wonderful experience. It was a privilege for me to be able to
be in the celestial room of the temple with him, almost exactly a year
after we talked to him while he was in his garage. He is such an
amazing man. He is so humble and obedient. He is loving and kind to
everyone he meets. He has brought new life and love to the ward he was
baptized into. He is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ and I consider
myself blessed to know him. He is always thinking of others. He is a
great example to me of someone who serves and loves with all of his

Other than that, this week was pretty hectic and crazy. We had
transfers and so we had to help some missionaries transition and get
settled, which was busy. Elder McFadden and I have set some goals for
the work we are trying to accomplish these next couple of transfers. I
am excited to see how the work progresses!

I love you all so very much!

Elder Bush

Email to Mom:

So transfer day... here's how it went down.

We got up at 2:45 in the morning to get ready and arrived at the
mission home at 4 to take the missionaries to the airport. I drove a
truck with a trailer and all the luggage so I got to drive by myself.
(There's a new church policy that says that if you're driving by
yourself you can't take a passenger) 

So I drove all the luggage down to the Denver airport. We dropped off
the old missionaries and wished them goodbye. (5:30 AM) Among these
missionaries were Elder Fraser (previous companion), Elder Domnikov
(previous companion), and Elder Young (he used to be my zone leader).

After they left, we went and had breakfast at a diner (6:45 AM). I had
biscuits and gravy. I also almost fell asleep. Then we went and
ordered lunch for the new missionaries at subway. (8 AM) Then we
waited in President McMurrays car until about 9:45 when we headed back
over to the airport, with the sandwiches. We saw some members from one
of my previous areas at the airport, which was cool. They were picking
up their daughter from the airport because she was coming home from
her mission! Pretty cool. We picked up the new missionaries and their
luggage and fed them and then we began the journey back to Windsor.
(11 AM) I drove the luggage again. President and my companion took the
new missionaries to the temple to take pictures and to introduce them
to the temple. I took all their luggage to the mission office, and,
with the help of a senior couple, unloaded the luggage for all 19 new
missionaries and took it into the office, parked the trailer, and set
up the orientation meeting. We then had our orientation meeting, which
lasted from about 1:30- 3:30. The trainers then picked up the new
missionaries and headed to their respective areas. We helped clean up
and helped everyone figure out where they were going, (plus a bunch of
other random stuff that happened, like helping missionaries load
luggage and attach bike racks, etc.) and then we headed to Cheyenne to
drop off the first of the new missionaries. We generally don't like to
have trainers come from super far away to pick up their companions so
we drive their companions to them. It saves a lot of miles for the
mission. So we stopped in Cheyenne, dropped off a couple new
missionaries, grabbed dinner, and then began the 2.5 hour trip to
Casper. (7:45 PM)

Then we dropped off the new missionaries, and crashed at the zone
leaders apartment in Casper around 11. I was so tired because I hadn't
been able to get a nap. I also forgot to bring a toothbrush so I
walked in and asked if anyone had an extra toothbrush. One of the
missionaries did have an extra one that he had only used about 8 times
so I ended up brushing my teeth with his and then crashing on a
mattress with no blanket, and no pillow.
Needless to say, I was cold and didn't sleep super well. We got up at
6:30 the next morning and drove back down to Windsor. I was super
exhausted but we still had to go to our district Meeting and also had
to deal with a bunch more missionary issues because while we were
sleeping up in Casper, one of the missionaries had just been
transferred to Sterling, CO. You can look on the map to see where that
is. He hated it so much he stole the keys and drove back to Windsor...
President told him off and he will be going back to his area soon but
needless to say, it was a hectic day.

Our whole week has pretty much been like that. Crazy stuff. Towards
the end of the week it was able to wind down but we still weren't able
to get much work done. In fact, we were barely able to study at all
this week. My studies on Tuesday were just me listening to talks while
I drove down to Denver at 4 in the morning lol

We haven't met with the guy who read half of the Book of Mormon yet,
but we are meeting with him in Tuesday! I will let you know how it

I love that application of that scripture in 2 Nephi. Wonderful. I
will include more spiritual thoughts in my email to dad, and I will
talk more in detail about Ron in that one too!

I love you so much mom! You are the greatest. I mean that when I say it.

Elder Bush

Pre-haircut.....                                      Haircut!

Elder McFadden sleeping!

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