Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017

(To Mom)

This week was very crazy and busy. We spent about 50 hours in the mission office this week working on transfers. It was awful, but it is still always cool to see how President plans transfers, and also to be a part of that. God definitely has a plan for all of His children! Sometimes we are too prideful and we resist His guidance, but when we humbly and faithfully keep His commandments, He has wonderful blessings in store for us. 

My new companion is Elder McFadden. He is awesome. He began his mission about 4.5 months after I did. He is a great missionary and has great desires to work hard. 

For the next couple of transfers, Elder McFadden and I want to break the "wicked traditions of our fathers" aka all the hypocritical stuff APs did before. In times past, the assistants had felt like they were on top of the world and that the rules didn't apply to them. They didn't work super hard and just had fun instead of actually proselyting. Elder McFadden and I want to change that. 

We saw a really cool miracle this week as we were trying to set up some teaching appointments. Elder McFadden remembered a door he had knocked on a couple of transfers ago when he was on an exchange with a previous assistant. He remembered that the guy they had talked to had seemed pretty receptive, so we decided to go knock on his door. When he answered, we asked him if he had read at all from the Book of Mormon he had been given, and he said he had read about half of it! We were so excited! We set up a return appointment for a couple of days away. I am so excited to teach him the gospel. 

This upcoming week is going to be pretty crazy too. Tomorrow we drive the departing missionaries to the airport and stay down there until the new missionaries arrive. We then take them back from Denver to the mission office in Windsor where they get a brief orientation and then they meet their new companions and head to their respective areas.  We have to drive to Casper because two missionaries are being trained in Riverton and Lusk. Their trainers will meet us in Casper. We will probably stay the night in Casper and then head back down to Windsor early the next morning because we have to help our mission vehicle coordinator transport 8 cars to the mission office from Fort Collins. Then, the rest of the day on Wednesday is filled with random odd things we will have to do, such as filling out the key indicator report for the mission and helping other missionaries fix their area book problems. Crazy crazy stuff. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I don't, but I am happy to serve the Lord wherever He wants me.

I love you so much mom! Thank you for your spiritual thoughts and for your insights, I always love reading them. I definitely don't want to be disappointed in any way when the Savior comes again. I was just thinking about this the other day, and I think I am excited for when He comes again, but I know I have a lot to do before then :)

I love you so much Mom. You are such a great example of faith and patience and love to me.
Sorry this email is kinda short, not a lot to report on this week

Elder Bush

Preach my gospel is so amazing.

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