Thursday, July 6, 2017

Picture update

With the photo share we have with Elder Bush it takes a few more steps for me to put the photos on the blog!  Sorry for the lack of photos lately, but here's about 25 to make up for it!  I'm still trying to figure out how to move videos from the photo share to the computer...

A trip to Martin's Cove:

Elder Bush, Elder Coleman, and Elder Fraser

Elder Coleman:

"So much good food, I passed out and Elder Burrell had to keep feeding me..."

Elder Fraser and some sister missionaries got ahold of Elder Bush's ipad... this is picture number 3,476 out of 4,500!

Missionary Yoga:

Elder Tippetts and Elder Bush

Mission tour with Elder DeFeo:

Spencer and Amanda did baptisms at the temple:

A letter to the Elders in their new ward:

Elder Fraser did the "Bear hot challenge" at Wing Shack.
Wings with ghost pepper sauce.  He ate 10 in 3:57 and won a hat.

Elder Fonotisatele, Elder Tippetts, and Elder Bush:

"We scared Elder Coleman really good right before he went home.
He seriously is a very good sport about it.
He is always so scared but laughs about it afterwards."

Exchanges with Cheyenne zone leaders:

A hilarious stolen bike sign:

Elder Bush caught Elder Fraser taking a mini-nap!

Workout leg day:

Breakfast with the McMurrays and Jan Ross from Cheyenne:

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